The Brianna (queen_beeanna) wrote in burning_man,
The Brianna

Non Perishable Foods...?

This year, my travel arrangements find me departing for BRC from a different state than all my belongings.

For this reason, I am looking to sustain myself solely on non-perishable foods. I do not want to ask the person transporting my stuff for me to babysit a cooler until I get there.

This is where I have a question. What are your favorite non-perishable playa foods?
*Edited to include suggestions*

My list thus far:
San Pelligrino in plastic bottles
Coconut water
French press coffee
Slimfast or other protein shake in can
Tasty Bites
Easy Cheese+crackers
Foil pack tuna (the kind with no wierd water left over)
Bavarian Sausages
Bowl Noodle Hot
can coconut milk
can chili
can dolmades
canned oysters

Does anybody else have any good ideas? I like protein above and beyond all else. Especially out there, my body will not let me eat things like hamburger buns or white bread. I can't eat lots of trail mix or nuts as they tear up my mouth. Also, no matter how hard I try, I can never choke down any type of energy or oat bar. Feels like powder in my throat.

[about me: just joined the LJ community. This will be my 6th year on playa.]

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