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PORTAGE to the desert!

The Brûleurs de Montreal Burners are nearing completion of "PORTAGE", their sculpture for this year's C.O.R.E. Project.

Later this month at BRC, there will be a ring of thirty-five sculptures around The Man. This world-spanning project is called C.O.R.E. -- the Circle Of Regional Effigies. Contributed by Burning Man communities around the globe, these sculptures will be displayed during the festival, then burned in a single massive conflagration on Thursday 30th August.

Montreal's artwork consists of two wooden figures carrying a giant canoe, over twenty feet long and nearly as tall -- representing the spirit of multi-cultural collaboration that makes Montreal such a creative, vibrant place to live.

Our sculpture is nearly finished, but we need your participation to help us bring PORTAGE to the desert. It's a big undertaking and we'd appreciate any donation you can make.

Watch our video and donate here:

Et merci beaucoup!

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