Barack Obama

Donald Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA

Donald Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA.

I can see just now that Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA. His strength of a lion, his speed of a jaguar and his long sight of an eagle let him raise the USA to an absolutely new level – the level of civilization.

The cooperation with Russia as the most important friend of the USA will help the world discover existence of our land, the planet in the new dimension.

I think that the way Trump has chosen is a real historic one, being very important for our times and for the future generations.

Nikolai Shmatko

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Crwodfunding call

Greetings fellow burners -
These guys are 3 days away from the Kickstarter deadline, and (as of this moment) collected pledges for ~8K out of 12.
Let's flex our muscle and help them.

The Cradle of "Mir" is a 36 feet tall pyramid housing a 1:3 scale model of the space station "Mir". Help us bring it to the Playa!

The Cradle of Mir is a massive art installation by a group of artists from Russia for Burning Man 2013. It is a giant pyramid with a wooden model of the Soviet space station inside.



I am trying to find tattoo artists in the Houston, TX area that are burners! I want to get my first tatt from another burner! It will be a BM tatt! Does anyone know of any local to Houston or TX?
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Questions, questions, questions!

Hi everyone.

After many years of wanting to go, and getting as far as getting tickets last year (then having to cancel so we could afford to get married instead), we're finally in a place where it looks like we'll be going home for the first time next year, and I couldn't be more excited! (I know it's crazy-far in advance to start a lot of planning, but we'll need time to save for the flights and RV hire.)

I'd love any advice anyone can pass on with regards to any/all of the following please:

- RV hire: pitfalls, best location to hire from, benefits of having one you might not have already thought of.

- Food: for someone who doesn't know US food at all it would be handy to know what are good long life foods? What would work well on the Playa?

- Stuff: given we're going to have to cram everything into a 50-pound or less weight allowance for our flight, what are the things we absolutely mustn't cut out, and what can we leave at home?

- any other general advice on attending the burn from internationally.

Disclaimer: I've read pretty much all the FAQ on the Burning Man website, and whilst it's got lots of generalised-but-useful info, I'd really like to hear personal tips/experiences etc.

Thanks so much!
Burn08 kaboom

PORTAGE to the desert!

The Brûleurs de Montreal Burners are nearing completion of "PORTAGE", their sculpture for this year's C.O.R.E. Project.

Later this month at BRC, there will be a ring of thirty-five sculptures around The Man. This world-spanning project is called C.O.R.E. -- the Circle Of Regional Effigies. Contributed by Burning Man communities around the globe, these sculptures will be displayed during the festival, then burned in a single massive conflagration on Thursday 30th August.

Montreal's artwork consists of two wooden figures carrying a giant canoe, over twenty feet long and nearly as tall -- representing the spirit of multi-cultural collaboration that makes Montreal such a creative, vibrant place to live.

Our sculpture is nearly finished, but we need your participation to help us bring PORTAGE to the desert. It's a big undertaking and we'd appreciate any donation you can make.

Watch our video and donate here:

Et merci beaucoup!

Buning Man 2008

Shady Asylum is returning to the Playa!

For the first time since 2007, Shady Asylum, Black Rock City's "Central Park," will be back on the playa!

We've launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for this ambitious project, it takes a lot of moolah to make it happen:
  • 1,700+ square feet of live sod
  • 1,500+ gallons of water to keep the sod alive
  • 5,000+ square feet of muslin to help keep the sod root system hydrated and viable
  • Gas and vehicle to transport all these (heavy!) supplies to/from Reno
Please check it out, donate if you have the desire and means, and share the link with friends!

Hope to see you there! Shady Asylum will be located inside theme camp "Gitmo Shade."


David Best back on the Playa Building the Temple Of Juno

Our fundraising campaign is going live starting now, beginning with this new kickstarter:

Please pass the word. it's only 45 days long. We're hoping that it'll reach even those who aren't able to go this year, but who may have been touched by the temple in previous years and want to help make it happen again.

I am sure you all know how much David has effected all of us with his Temples though out the years, so if you can please pledge. Even if it is just $20, every little bit will help! If he doesn't get the full amount of pledges in 42 days he gets nothing from any of the pledges already made.

Love and Hugs

PS please pass this on!!

Just 10 days left!!!

Just 10 days left! We're doing flexible funding, so every little bit helps! Please consider donating, or sharing the word - both are deeply appreciated! And, a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far - you have no idea how much we appreciate it!
Incendiary Intent on Indiegogo

Some pictures from our last camping trip:

Our friend Lili -rocking- the challenge....with a Clamato??? So disgusting. She's my new hero.

There's a certain bit of terror in his eyes....but he made it through!