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The Non-Existent Puzzle

Rearranging the pieces while denouncing the entire puzzle (confined to objective creation) I wonder when we can all celebrate Christmas on Halloween and why all these neo-bohemian (post-human?) anti-intellectual surrealist Marxist's complain about my ever changing reactionary theories. It's as if the absurdities of modern day reality have colonized themselves into a "where's that from?" board game. It's as if the labeling of ideologies and cultural trends has become the run-of-the-mill anarcho-futurist-sophist's heroin and that the delabeling of That Which Makes No Sense has become the run-of-the-mill anarcho-futurist-sophist's pusher. Can we not surpass this colonizing mentality with our own piece rearranging superpowers? Can we not walk the cult-classic-movie-quoting-path (CCMQP) without being subjected to Hegelian-individualist (post-gender?) oppression?

Why is it that those who use philosophical labels for wink-wink endeavors are unable to watch Tom Cruise movies without referencing Brit-Pop? Why is it that this mess of synonyms for the word "hippie" has yet to be cleaned by the enforcers of intellectual fascism? (not to mention annihilated) Should we not strive to rid ourselves of these Orwellian hypocrisies of anti-hipster propaganda? (enforced by the hipsters themselves, nonetheless) How many roads (Robert Frost) must a communist liberal arts major walk down before he/she/it can declare hirself a self declared object of redundancy? (and self declaration)

Rearranging the pieces while denouncing the entire puzzle, I dream of paradoxical linguistic spews that can only be deconstructed by those aware of the bending and breaking we seek to exploit. (while keeping it on the DL) Call it grandiose elitism. Call it a rip-off of a William Gibson novel. Call it a parody of a Limp Bizkit song. Call it the carefully placed/calculated obstacle course of neo-bohemian (post-human?) anti-intellectual surrealist Marxist's.

Still, a rose is a rose by any other name. What we are left with is a mixture of all that is socially acceptable in lunatic fringe communities. What we are left with contradicts itself for the hell of it, leaving chaos and discord for the taking of theological slaves. Even Nietzsche is fed up.

Several questions arise: Is it possible to escape this anti-cookie-cutter cookie cutting? Has our community turned against its true nature by the mere act of being a community? Can a group of individuals with similar mindsets exist without contradiction? Is quoting William S. Burroughs anti-beatnik?

While these answers are up for grabs, (carnivals of iconoclastic cotton candy venders) one can simply drop out of the anti-game game entirely, leaving his/her/its underground-of-the-underground culture (gracefully) so that he/she/it can be free of "where's that from's". The price to pay is this: wink-winks. Only when these wink-winks have been paid to the bankers of individualist groups can the true dadaist guerrilla gorilla evolve into the Superman. Remember, we were all apes once.

By the way, none of that meant anything. If you strained your cranium to connect these disconnections, I laugh in your face with my Santa Claus costume. Happy Halloween!

Paradox the Prime

Why did I post this here? Becuase I'm looking for some people to go to Burning Man with, and I figured this would be a good way to meet some others.

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