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Burning Man Questionnaire

It is time to really think about what we would want in a theme camp and where we would want it to be.


Please use the following forms to tell us about your Theme Camp, Art Installation(s) and/or any other theme projects for this year's Burning Man. The forms are detailed and we encourage you to follow the instructions to make it as expedient for you as possible.

1. If you are registering only one Theme Camp, Art Installation or project, you may only have to fill out one form, in addition to the form on this page. If you need to fill out multiple forms for multiple projects, you will be given the option to continue once the first form is complete. In order to save you time, the fields on this form are common to all projects and will only need to be input once.

2. Please have your answers ready before you begin filling out the forms. Click on the links below to preview of the questions or print them out. (You may want to print the forms out, complete them by hand, and then enter the data into this form when you are certain you are ready). You may also want to print each of your questionnaires before clicking the 'submit' button, in order to have a copy of your responses for future reference (Please Note: The Questionnaires have changed for 2001.) Theme Camp Questionnaire Preview Art Installation Questionnaire Preview

3. Once the forms are complete, we will provide you with a confirmation page.

Thank you for supporting Burning Man's web efforts! We hope this process will streamline your efforts and the efforts of Burning Man staff members and volunteers. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to theme

Personal Info Please note: All fields are required.
First Name Last Name (MARK and I will talk responsibility for this one)
Address Apt # City State/Province Postal Code
Country E-mail Home Phone Work Phone

E-mail for others who should be on the announcement list:
(Please separate multiple e-mail addresses with a comma.)


Have you purchased your Burning Man ticket for this year using the name and address you entered above?

yes no

What years have you attended Burning Man?
(Please check all that apply. Check none if this is your first year of participation.)
'86 '87 '88 '89 '90 '91 '92 '93 '94 '95 '96 '97 '98 '99 '00

Please list any Burning Man projects you've worked on in the past:

This is part ONE - I need all of your responses by 2/23/01 so I can start on Part 2

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