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Freezing Man needs your help!

I hate to do this because I know that everyone works incredibly hard and expends a great deal of time and money on Burning Man... But we need some help - so I'll throw this out on the table.

Below is an email my boyfriend sent to our camp list. We're doing our best to continue the Freezing Man project but it's difficult since we are currently students which was not the case last year. We are asking for donations. Any little bit will help. Thanks so much

cobweb @

I intend to operate the Freezing Man ice cream truck at this year's
Burning Man. The 1974 Chevy Step Van is in as good condition as it was
before driving cross-country (i guess 4000 miles is a drop in the bucket
when you've got 222222+ miles on you) and I am of able and willing body
to drag it back to the desert from the tundra of Massachusetts.

Unfortunately the last year saw me make the transition back to being a
poor student, so the missing piece of the puzzle is money. I estimate
that operating Freezing Man will cost approximately $2222* at the inside.

I would like to collect $3000 for the project, in order to have an amount
of slush in case of emergency. That's $1 per piece of ice cream, and less
than ten cents a smile! Any donation, from $10 up to $2999.99, will be
quite gratefully accepted.

Freezing Man plans to spend a year on sabbatical leave quite close to
Black Rock City, so next year will not be so crushingly expensive. But
this year I could really use your help.

Please send donations via PayPal to gamache @, or email me to
arrange other methods.

If I cannot collect enough money to perform my Freezing Man duties, all
donations will be returned (unless donated anonymously... but why would
you do that?). If I can, however, all money left over from this year will
be spent on Freezing Man 2003.

Thank you for sponsoring a most excellent project, really.

-pete gamache
Freezing Man-Handler

p.s. Please forward this mail as appropriate.

* $1200 for ice cream and dry ice, at least $600 for gasoline, $300 for
registration, $50 for health department permit, $100 to build a new
icebox, $50 in oil/coolant supplies.
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