Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in burning_man,

LiveJournal Camp and drug use

As some of you are probably aware, LiveJournal Camp is listed at and linked to from the Burning Man website. The link goes to this site.

Recently, there was a post in this community on drug use, asking who will be using drugs at Burning Man. Unfortunately, one of the people who helps run Burning Man visited our site, and the first thing they noticed was this post, mentioning the use of drugs at Burning Man, and, from the perspective of the Burning Man organizer, using drugs at the LiveJournal Camp.

As the LJ organizer said to us in an email "This just isn't cool. Those sites are cruised by Gov't officials, County Sheriffs and the BLM." As a result, we will probably need to design a separate site now for the camp.

It's the policy of Burning Man that drug use isn't allowed; they expect us to honor that policy if we want to continue to have a Burning Man camp. Please refrain from talk about drugs within this community. Drug use is not permitted anywhere at Burning Man, period. It is important that the LiveJournal Camp be seen as honoring this policy, both for the continued existence of our camp and so that the authorities that allow Burning Man to operate continue to do so.

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