Here comes trouble... (liltrouble222) wrote in burning_man,
Here comes trouble...

A little late....

hello all. i just recently found out about livejournal (and joined pretty much so that I could join this community). i have wanted to go to burning man probably for the past 5 years and this year is the first that it even seems feasible. i am going to try to apply for the media coverage pass (or whatever it is called) because i write and am the marketing director for JIVE magazine ( but regardless of whether i am given authorization i still want to go. i am seeking any suggestions, advice, what do i need to do type of information. i know it seems that LJ has a camp (what are the other camping options?). can i be part of the camp?

thanks for all of the help and suggestions. and hopefully i will be able to meet you all soon in the desert.
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