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i need help with my Burning Man project

i have volunteered to build a shade structure for the LiveJournal Burning Man camp
my first attempt failed, and upon reflection (with a little advice from the community) i've decided to abandon PVC as a building material.
the new design i want to use is based on bamboo,.... which thrills me to no end. it will be require more work than making it out of electrical (metal) conduit or PVC
but the fact that it is a very renewable resource really appeals to me

the problem is, i don't have any bamboo
do any of you, preferably local to the S.F. bay area, have access to a stand of bamboo?
somebody must have or know somebody who has some growing in their backward
and i bet they would really appreciated it if someone,.... like me for instance
came over and thinned it out
the stuff does tend to grow like a weed

i'm looking for poles about 7' in length and about 3/4" in diameter
i estimate that i'll need 130 - 200 of them
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