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I just received this.....

Dear Campers,

Holly and I have been locked up in a room surrounded by maps for
about three days. We have a full grasp of our task at hand at this
point and are very clear that we have run out of space in Black Rock
City for all that have registered. We are disappointed to announce
this, but after staring at our maps and looking over our records for
the last three hours feel we feel secure that we have no other choice.

If you are not coming as a theme camp and have not told us, please
let us know. Camps that are not interactive will not be mapped.
Chill domes are generally not interactive enough. Individuals
needing space need less than our smallest grid squares. If you fit
into either of these categories and would like to voluntarily give up
your space please email us at immediately.
We need to get everyone placed within the next 24 hours.

For the last few years we have anticipated the inevitability of our
reserved space filing up. We are sorry to announce that that day is
here. If we can not map you we will inform you via email and remove
you from our list. Ultimately this will push more beauty into the
rest of our city.

Please accept our apologies in advance,

Harley and Holly

I need to know...HOW MANY OF YOU PLAN TO STAY AT LJ CAMP.... Please respond ASAP. I need to make sure we don't take more space than we need.

I also need to know if you are bringing an RV. If we can cut our space in half, we can allow room for another theme camp.

I have 4 people that I am including....

I want to make sure that we only use the space that we actually need.


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