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It looks like I will have the information about our placement next week (after the 3rd). I will post it as soon as I get it, so PLEASE don't nag. I promise, promise, that I will post it the moment I see it in my mail.

It looks like we are going to have 26 definite campers camp. We will have 1 cargo truck, 1 SUV w/trailer, 1 van and assorted trucks, SUV's and cars. I ask that when you arrive at camp that you park your vehicles at the back of the lot and we will use that space as a generator buffer. I plan on making a sound box for our generator (which is a small one anyway). If you are bringing a generator, I recommend you make a similar structure to protect your generator. The playa dust did a number on my generator because I left it unprotected, it is in the repair shop now.

If your vehicle is part of your setup (thinking of you Toad) go ahead and park to either side of our lot so you have enough room to set up your home. The main tent will be in the center toward the vent and your personal tents are welcome to be on either side or in the back of the tent.

If you are arriving on Saturday, let me know...Mark and I plan to be there on Saturday the 24th (probably 7 pmish unless I can get Mark a moving earlier, and since I don't have to panic about getting back a rental car, we will be leaving on Labor Day.

What I will be bringing. I will be returning with the Journals and with pencils and pens. Crayons didn't work out too well last year and the crayola markers dried out fast. Although, I might bring the blopens because they are a blast to play with.

We will also be bringing the big tent, the blow up furniture, and the modesty structure for your sun shower pleasure. We will also have music and speakers. If you want to bring music, it is welcome, but I recommend burning what you want to bring to protect your CD's. It took me a long long time to clean my CD's. We will be bringing our Rio Riots to play many different types of music.

Thank you, in advance, to allyn and company for all of their efforts for bringing a shade structure.

From the Burning Man Officials

We have a truly amazing community. Since I sent out our last post saying we had run out of room for mapping I have gotten many generous offers to give up space. In fact, your generosity has enabled most of the camps we had to bounce back into our prime real estate areas. Thank you for your kindness. Wow...... every city should be like this one.

(Note: I do want to mention that some of the camps that gave up space admitted that they had known for a while that they were not going to be doing their theme camp. Please let us know as soon as possible if your plans have changed. Others said they knew they really were not up to the caliber of inter-activity that most camps create and were simply trying to save themselves the hassle of finding their own location. Grrrrr........... that makes me mad. It is so unfair to others.)

Holly and I intend to give you your placement after August 3rd. This is the earliest we have ever gotten the information out!

If you are a first timer and have ANY QUESTIONS at all, feel free to ask. I will answer as best as I can.
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