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We have our placement!

We are at 165 degrees and 2700. This puts us right next to center camp folks. WOO HOO! So, we will definitely have to have our main tent open from 11:00 am to dusk for journal writing and general lounging.

The other camps we are near.

Alternative Energy Zone
Animistica and the Fire
Black Rock City Fashion
Body Are Villia
BRCVFD Fire Camp
Camp Covalent
Cirque de Flambe a sea
Costco soulmate
Department of Tethered
Dreams to Reality
Fire Water
Green Fairy Bar Camp
Kali and the living tarot
License to breed
Mad Cow Country Club
Mouth full of playa
Ms. Pacman Camp
Nuclear Family
OCF Embassy
P.U.N. People United for ...
Planet Smurf
Radio Electra 103.9
Sky People
Sound Off
Techno Fartz Camp
The Axis of Weebles
The Island
The Pleasure Cove
The Solo Collective
Underwear Collective
VW Bus Camp
West Side Story Fish

Plus, of course, the entirity of center camp

Please keep in mind that we will need volunteers minded the camp during the day..So, those of you who are arriving early, you might want to take shirts earlier in the week. On the day of the burn, we will close the tent down early so everyone can find their friends and spots to see the burn.

There is nothing specifically planned for the evenings, so if you would like to plan something, please let me know so we can get it on the schedule.


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