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that could have gone better...

we're doing a six step dome.
today Shane and I went to the park to do a trial run of steps one through four to get a feel of how this was going to play out.
give us a chance to learn about how it was going to work on the playa. work with venting schemes etc
as we were completing step three,.... snap! snap! snap!
three pieces of bamboo broke
and it became obvious that if we continued that more of them would break


some of the bamboo is just too thin
or more accurately, some of the bamboo tapers to much. and at its thin end it can't take the strain


we've got a couple of options
go buy some bamboo. there is a wholesaler in Benicia but communication with him has been difficult at best. he rarely answers email or phone calls and what email responses i have gotten from him have been very terse and not very informative. judging from what he has said, i suspect it's mostly a language barrier
my (and Shane's) thinking is that by buying bamboo we will get higher quality, and more importantly more consistant in diameter. hopefully when they advertise 3/4" diameter, 7' long poles, they are 3/4" diameter for the whole length of the pole

i'm guessing it will be about $100 for bamboo from the wholesaler, but i won't know until we go up there (and one of the problems that i've had with him is that he won't tell me what days/hours he is open,... i think it changes from week to week which makes this even more difficult)
i need to check some local retails, like Home Despot,... see if they carry bamboo and how much it would cost for the quantity that we'll need


then again, i could go to my fall-back plan which is to make the dome out of electrical metal conduit (like every-one else on the playa)
it is likely to be a higher capital outlay, but i haven't really priced it out yet
and it's likely to involve more work with having to cut all of the conduit to lengths and flatten and drill the ends


i need a beer

and to do some more research

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