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Calling all artists

I am interested in exploring different art forms and looking to find banner art, tag (Ghettotag/graffiti) art, as well as Celtic Tapestries, Metalurgy, Hand painted tapestries, and mosaics to photograph and possibly collect. If you know of anyone, or are interested in this project, please contact me at karina[fsckspam]@livejournal.com

I am especially interested in art work produced by local artists in the greater SF Bay Area, cities and counties.

Celtic Mandala Knots

Ohm Designs
other celtic designs and Batik

Examples of Metalurgy are similar, mediums include brass, copper, silver, gold, pewter, possibly mixed with hematite. Patterns include similar to those of tapestries as well as puzzle rings, loops and knots and puzzles.

Examples of ghetto tag include

Thank you !
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