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13 days and counting

Well, we are getting down to the nitty gritty. I looks like we will have about 35 people at LJ Camp this year. More than twice that of last year, WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!

I just purchased a trailer today so that Mark and I can easily haul the 16 x 32 tent and supplies. It is almost here (BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE)

I just got a weather reports. Temperatures are in the low 100's which is a good thing. Last year was hotter than hot. There is the possibility of rain so really, leave those shoes you treasure at home. Playa platforms in the morning are something else to behold. You go to use the loo and you are 5 inches taller by the time you get back to camp.

So, for those first timers...START DRINKING MORE WATER THAN YOU NEED NOW! Take a couple of weeks to let your body get used to processing large quantities of that vital liquid. Also, now is the time to take care of your feet. Don't go to Burning Man with cracked heels...that will just make a bad situation worse for you. I have been vigilent about taking care of my feet for about 3 months now because I wear birkenstocks all summer and my poor feet get dried out easily. So really, socks and cream at night (a good habit to do on the playa as well).

Just to give you an idea of stuff that I bring - here is a list. If you have anything to add that makes your stay at our playa home comfy, feel free to add to my list....

The Camp List

16 x 32 Army Tent
Ground cover - still figuring this one out
Generator (just repaired - ready to pickup)
Tents, poles, rope, stakes
Camp shower structure (gotta make it this weekend)
Blow up furniture
Furniture pumps (I have two of them this year)
Fold up chairs
Fold out table (same one as last year)
Paper lanterns (same as last year)
Journals (same as last year)
Writing utensils
Music Equipment
Lighting for big tent
Gasoline/oil for generator

Personal list

(tank tops, skirts, pants, underwear, sarongs, t-shirts, socks, shoes, mask, goggles, scarves, hats, sweater, warm nigthies, slippers *I am not doing the costume thing this year, it didn't really matter last year - so I am just sticking to the basics)

(hair brush, comb, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toilet paper, RX, allergy meds, headache meds, toothbrush/paste, hair bands, hair stuff, detangler, Eucerin body lotion and udder cream, sunscreen, aloe lotion, lib balm, AYR (saline stuff), nasal spray, first aid kit, emergen-c, baby wipes, bandaids, neosporin, zip-loc baggies, tissue, safe sex items, eye wash )

(water, top ramen, turkey jerkey, fruit roll ups, trail mix, oranges, torani, club soda, instant miso, cookies, crackers, minimal amount of alcohol, hot chocolate, carnation instant breakfast, oatmeal)

(SUV tent, sleeping bags, mattress of some sort, sun shower, chairs, digital camera, Rio Riot, personal journal, tarps, duct tape, rope, clothes pins, car adaptors, garbage bags, misting bottles, 2 liter water backpacks, sponges, buckets, sunglasses, towels, paper umbrella, regular umbrella, bikes, bike lights, gifts, lantern, flashlights, broom, batteries)


That is a start, I know I must be missing things

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