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From the Burning Man website

I was told theme camps could arrive on Saturday the 24th, but it looks like they don't want us there until Monday. I can certainly use the extra weekend to pack up the car, so LJ Camp may not be arriving until Sunday at the earliest or Monday. I will get back to you as soon as I check out all of the Theme Camp announcements that I have at home.


A message from the Department of Public Works -

Q: When can I arrive at Burning Man? Can I come early?

A: Our gates open on Monday, August 26th. Theme camps placed in Center Camp or the Esplanade and registered artists will be allowed to arrive on the Saturday before our gates open (August 24th.) All other early arrivals are *not* allowed - because we're not ready for you!

We know you're eager, but we are still making our city roads and infrastucture and cranking in high gear to finish safely and on time. Any extra body not working toward this effort is just in the way. Arrivals before August 26th tax our infrastructure, increase safety risks and cost the event money. The area used for Burning Man is closed until our event begins.

Please work with us by waiting until Black Rock City is ready for you. See you on the playa on Monday, August 26th.

Welcome home!


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