LightMan (lightmanca) wrote in burning_man,

Thinking of joining LJ camp/Ride AVAILABLE from SJ for 1

Hello All!!

I'm thinking of joining LJ camp, if there's room.

I just got a little crazy and bought an 18' dome for shade that I'm more than happy to share (it will also be my "kitchen/living room").

Also does LJ camp have a generator yet? I wish to do much decorating with xmas lights. I have one but it is pretty darn loud (unless I find some way of massive sound insulation I won't bother the camp with this thing... I'll need it for wherever I put my light sculpture out anyway) I also have a light sculpture I'll probably place on the open playa, unless there is a spot in camp that is saying "put me here!". I'll also be making some cool designs with lights near the one that is already made.

Also I have space in my Van for 1. Anyone need a ride to BM from the Bay Area? I'm planning on leaving on Tuesday, and I coming back on Tuesday the 3rd, after spending a night in reno, but I'm pretty flexible.

See You On the Playa!!!

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