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sing to Flinstones Theme!

Come On
Our Adventure!
We Are Off To Go To Burning Man!
In The
Town Of Black Rock
It's A Little City In The Sand!

We Will
Expand Our Minds Artistically!
And Some
Will Expand Theirs Chemically!

But We'll
All Be Happy
As On To The Playa We All Stroll!
Cuz We're On
A Spiritual Journey
To Unite Our Mind, And Body, And Soul!


I wrote this last year and I thought I would share it with all of my lovely little burners to sing as we depart from our various locations on our trip back home. I leave in a day and a half! :-D

PS -

I have an extra special lj burner goodie to be given - watch for me at the LJ camp, I look a lil something like this - - If you spot me, the secret word is 'Perigee'
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