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hey, ya'll.. i met a lot of you out on the playa last year. i hope you all make it back this time around.

this year i am working with the pinhole camp. we have several domes, two bars, dj's, a yoga dome, a dome with misting water, and most importantly.. a gigantic pinhole camera which takes photographs that are several feet tall and wide in negative. you can see some of the stuff on our website.

we will be at esplanade and 75 degrees, right next to the space cowboys. needless to say, i am bringing the highest caliber earplugs available. i am also bringing a lot of fun stuff. this is my fifth year on the playa, and definitely the one i'm most exciting about attending, because we have been putting effort into this awesome community for months.

i'll stop by lj camp many times over the week (i'm leaving tomorrow and coming back next Tuesday), so i'll see you all there. PLEASE bring livejournal by for a group pinhole shot, and for my big birthday party on Wednesday night. plus, do some yoga, drink an apple martini, and lie in the mist while listening to our awesome dj's.


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