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Freezing Man Ice Cream Truck has died... and we are in Arizona

Hello all,

This is meaghan of the Freezing Man Ice Cream Truck and Grave Camp. My boyfriend and I were taking Freezing Man out to the BRC again this year from Boston. Sadly the truck died and now we are stuck in Kingman, Arizona. Tomorrow we are going to try to find a vehicle to rent. But here is the email pete (my boyfriend) sent to our camp list. If anyone can help please let me know via my cell phone: 617.755.4473. We are currently connected through an AOL CD that we got at Walmart, in a Motel 6, so we probably won't be online again after this.

Please forward this on if you know anyone who may be going in this direction.

Thank you for those of you who donated this year. We almost made it. :'(

Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 19:08:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: peeto de la noche
To: "" <>
Subject: [GRAVE-P] Freezing Man is DEAD

hello from Kingman, Arizona. yesterday, the Freezing Man truck breathed its last gasp of aerated gasoline about 35mi south of the Hoover Dam. the engine has thrown a rod, which means that in order to be useful again it needs an engine rebuild at a cost higher than the truck itself. its final resting place is lovely J&L Towing's junkyard.

VEGAS WHO COULD PICK UP TWO LOVELY BURNERS AND A BUNCH OF SHIT, PLEASE CALL 617/755-4473. we will gladly pay for gas, food, champagne, etc.

otherwise, we'll most likely be renting a Ryder truck tomorrow (when
places are open) and continuing the 700 miles that way. if someone could drag us and our stuff from Reno in the next few days, that would be super cool too; in general, call if you think you can help.

to all contributors: the remaining $$$ will be divided among those who gave over $25. thanks for the money -- we'd really love to be spending every cent but it doesn't look like that's the way fate's leaned this time.

it took us 2823 miles this year. final mileage: 329741.

RIP Freezing Man, 1974-2002.

-pete gamache

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