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Home.... home again

Yet this home feels so surreal... where is all the dust? the dirty, bedecked beauties wrapped in glowsticks and sarongs? Why didn't i wake up this morning covered in sweat and yesterday's sunscreen? The ache for the playa is harsh and overwhelming and hits me in waves at the oddest moments. I brushed my teeth last night in the shower (oh sweeeeeeeet shower, i adore you) and cried at the thought of washing away the traces of so many kisses, so many words spoken in love. Leaving yesterday, the tears flowed all the way to Reno and beyond.

Too many things to remember, to cherish, to jumpstart my compassion for humanity for the next long, 51 weeks until i go home again.


the flat tire 5 minutes after pulling into camp
melon flavored chapstick
beautiful Netta and Ron, who took care of me when i was shrooming and seperated from my friends
the gorgeous couple who begged to take a picture of my breasts at the Video wall, and then spent 5 minutes desperately digging through their bag for a new roll of film
watching the sunrise with Tree and Hef and Gerry
being felt up by a gorgeous woman who said whe wanted to "touch my cool shirt"
being spanked by everyone at the Spacecowboys party
the compliments on my bike EL wire
ice cream in the middle of the week
suddenly finding mescaline when i'd mentioned not an hour ealier that i'd like to try it
the rallying of the troops around me when i puked my water up the morning of the burn
meeting half the town of santa cruz at Astral Headwash camp
being invited to sc firedancing seminars by the mistress herself
the relief at finding my bike untouched at dawn, after dancing all night
making fairy wings
the first nugget i managed to squeeze out in the porta potty
the frozen chicken story
convincing max to wear a sarong, and how adorable he looked in it
tommy and eriq, because they are tommy and eriq
that last nitrous shot that did me in while i was frying
the dome trying to take flight during the dust storm
wandering through the storm with shane, resuing him from the ice monster and sticking him in the tauntaun... oh wait, that didn't really happen.
the smoke tornadoes during the burn
the temple of joy in the dawn light
the people, the compassion, the man.

take me home again.

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