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FWD: Playa SOS- forward as necessary

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> Starting Tuesday at noon and going until 7 in the evening, the playa had
>the worst whiteout conditions seen in the history of the event in Black
>Rock. Whatever was not packed up by noon is now under one inch to 18
>inches of dust. They are having another whiteout today, including gusts
>of up to 100 MPH.
>These are very serious conditions. We all have friends still on playa,
>who are having to deal with this. The lucky few of us who got out in time
>are home, rested and clean. If we can find it in our bodies, souls and
>pocketbooks to go BACK to the playa now, the project and our loved ones
>need us.
>How better to participate than to go rescue our friends, the DPW, and the
>project in general. Hands are needed to clean up MOOP, help pack up camps
>still left on playa, and guard piles of stuff against the scavengers,
>which are everywhere, sadly.
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