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OK- I just finished this painting of my girlfriend a few days ago, and I am hoping to get some people interested in my work so here goes.

The red, Japanese symbol burning through at the top means symplicity. The slips of papers that "simplicity" is burning through are little notes people left me, bills, receipts, old pictures on puzzle pieces, sun yellowed pages from a copy of dharma bums I found... Japanese newspapers and mags, poetry........ a tribute to the twin towers too.... I am telling you what it all means, because obviously you cannot see such details on a digital image of a big panel. The key is: she is able to smile and throw her arms behind her head amongst all the chaos of our daily lives...... reduce, relax..... simplicity. If that isn't inspirational enough, go smoke a joint. Insta peace maker. [wink] It is 18"x4'. Mixed media/collage/acrylic

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