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(reposted from my personal journal)

i'm not going to try to rattle off a day-by-day itinerary or anything like that right now. i will just thank those who need thanking. obviously, everyone who participated deserves some thanks, but the ones who most directly affected my experience this past week were:

- the wonderful people who ran the 3:00 Foam Parties, and the blue-haired girl from the same parties.

- Uncle Ira

- whoever created the Swimming Men thingie, for the highest Wow Factor of an already high Wow Factor week

- all the other artists who created fantastic cars, camps, installations, etc.

- all the fantastic dance tents and camps, especially Disorient, which thoroughly rocked my ass.

- the people at the Duck, for the drinks and the snazzy music

- the crews of the various Art Cars that made some of our nocturnal wanderings possible

- John Brennan for the photo shoot

- the Lamplighters, both for the work they do to illuminate the city but also for giving me the opportunity to participate in that work. the vodka was very nice, too.

- whoever got married at the Temple of Joy at dusk on Wednesday for the opportunity to function as part of an impromptu honor guard

- the anonymous Lamplighter who gifted me with a dubloon, and to Ultimate Believer who was my guide up into the Lighthouse

- oddlet for the strange story she told regarding a friend's adventures in South America

- the fine folks at Comfort and Singularity Point, for the hospitality, especially. again, the vodka was very nice, too.

- tink and L., for agreeing to my plans for a deranged expedition deep into the playa on Saturday night

- the Man, for fire.

- Mother Nature and assorted minor playa deities, for beautiful weather all week and for the absolutely perfect storm on Friday.

- everyone who was dancing with me at Center Cafe during the rainstorm.

- the beautiful silent girl with the white mask and wings who was part of that fantastic dance and who crossed paths with me again later on Friday.

- everyone who enjoyed the saving love of Hello Kitty with me

- best wishes to the guy we met in the Medical tent who had set himself on fire

- though i didn't see any of them, thanks to Fireplay Group for the tools and training which did so well for me.

- our friends from the Tightie Whitie Tea Party for the opportunity to turn a girl into a giraffe, for the birthday (and other similar) treats, for sharing fire, and for their parting gift which will be put to good use. most of all, however, for the companionship. you guys rock.

- the crew of SubLiminal, the LustMonkeys, and other assorted San Diego folks, for fun times and friendship as usual. apologies are due to those people who missed us on the playa like ships passing in the night, especially Plaid Girl, Sweet Pea, Courage, and the lovely simplysara. you were missed.

- everyone who took part in HugNation. sorry for missing GlobalGasm, but i was deathly ill and babbling incoherently at the time.

- Fakir Musafar for the branding, and above all to the staff of the Temple of Atonement, especially Mistress Eva Destruction and Lady Bridgett, for making a dream into a reality. you guys were so wonderful to us. i can't thank you enough.

- Esther, for letting me break through the indifference barrier.

- and, finally, thanks to tink, for everything. it would have been impossible without you, and not nearly so much fun.

there are about 29000 other thanks to hand out, but time and space do not permit me to do so.

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