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Hello Freakazoids

Ok... so.... I'm joining this community because I plan on going to my first Burning Man next year. I know I know... I'm a slacker, but I've gotta good excuse. I've been attached to Oregon Country fair for the past 11 years. So I could never afford the two. But next year I'll skip OCF if I have to. I WILL be at Burning Man.
But I've got a few questions:
How kid friendly is it? I've only seen a few pics with wee children. My son's 13.
How wheelchair friendly is it? My son's got a power chair. Where will we charge it?
I want to bring him, but I don't want the chair to be downer for either of us. And I want him to be able to do his own thing if he feels the need. At OCF, he's at the point where he takes off and hangs out with kids his own age. I just wanna make sure he has a beautiful experience as well as I.
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