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the earliest mention of Burning Man on the internet?

Google has an interesting feature wherein one can search usenet group archives by date.
I searched for the earliest archived mention of Burning Man, and found this gem, posted on talk.bizarre:

"On the evening of September 6, 1992, The Cacophony Society will be holding their third annual Burning Man celebration in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. The man stands 45 feet and is made of laminated wood beams and lath. He is covered with neon and his head is filled with high explosives and fireworks. If you arrive a couple of days before, you may participate in the fill-the-legs-and-torso-with-offerings procedure. Meaningful
offerings are fine. No live offerings will be accepted. At approximately 6 pm there will be a black tie cocktail party..."


the strange voyages of discovery your mind takes you whilst Googling, stoned out of your gourd, at three in the morning.


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