Lee Harrington (passionandsoul) wrote in burning_man,
Lee Harrington

Suspension Pictures Sought

Dear Fellow Burners,

This year, on Wednesday of the event, I did 8 rope bondage suspensions (7 public). Some took place near the refinery in Center Camp around 10am-noon, a duo-suspension at the giant swingset off center camp at about 12:30, and then 3 suspensions in a row just across from the Temple of Atonement from 2:30pm-sunset.

I'm seeking out images from these suspensions. All were done on a bamboo tripod, and I- the artist, was wearing a blue and white cotton kimono with a black corset over it, and my hair in braided pigtails. An example of one of the suspensions can be found at:


Any leads? I have pictures of all the suspensions except my self-suspension... but many of the pics are just my own quick snapshots, and I saw at least 400 people over the course of the day take pictures. Anyone have leads? I want to try to get as many pictures as possible so I can give copies to the models as a "thank you" CD. Image rights remain your own unles syou tell me otherwise (pics I could use on my website, with your photo credit, would rock!) Pictures can be sent to me at:

Or reply to this post, if the images are online, so we can all see the amazing pics you took!


-Lady Bridgett, Temple of Atonement

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