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All the world's a stage

So, in the shower today, I was thinking, and I decided that one of the things I would like to see at burningman is a large mobile proscenium arch. For those that don't know, this is the part of the theatre that frames the stage. I envision something that can be moved around from day to day in order to frame different visual displays at burning man.

Ideally, this would be mounted on a vehicle, so it could easily be moved. I would like to see it ornate, in the traditional sense, with Comedy/Tragedy masks, and perhaps saying "All the world's a stage" across the top. It would be even cooler to see a vehicle with a set of theatre seats that could be trailered around with it, and people dressed as ushers. Perhaps even a mobile popcorn stand.

I shall see how realizable this idea actually is. I can see there being issues with having a large flat, tall, sail-like structure on wheels, although since it is mostly empty hole, it may not be too much of a problem.

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