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Hi peeps!!
I am forwarding a piece of mail I received on the greeters list.

Seattle represent !!!!!!


SEAcompression: The Drowning World
Saturday, November 9, noon - 2am
Fremont UNconventional Center, 160 N. Canal St., Seattle
$10, $8 w/costume (proceeds go to Black Rock Arts Foundation)
All ages outside, 21+ inside

On Saturday November 9th, the Seattle Burning Man community is coming
together to throw an all day decompression party- SEAcompression: The
Drowning World.

However, this is more than just a party: our vision is to bring together
Seattle burners to express a taste of Burning Man itself, to share that
spirit of active community participation with each other and with people
in Seattle who have never had a chance to go.

As such, we have reserved the parking lot space in addition to the FUNC
for an all day festival, and we want you and your theme camps to REPRESENT
with your performances and projects! Recycle last year's, or try out
something new!

Info? seattle@burningman.com

If the only prayer you ever say is Thank You, it will be enough.
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