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Here are my pictures from the Beach Burn last night in Santa Cruz at the Seabright Beach. It was great fun, and I met a lot of nice Santa Cruz freaks from the Santa Cruz Burning Man mailing list.

This is Begonia and Daphne in front of the miniature man. Begonia's wearing my boa, and Daphne's wearing my glowing E-L faerie wings.

Someone had a torch type thing that people were blowing fire from.

Here's a spiral, made out of that rope light. This was placed in front of a big cliff, and on the cliff they were projecting a laser light show. Very cool.

A group of people at the beach-burn built a "beer-amid" to set fire to later. Here it is before they lit it up.

And here it is on fire!!!

Here's everyone standing around the flaming beeramid.

And at last, it was time for the man to go up in flames.


Anyway, it was fun having our own little Burning Man in Santa Cruz. I can't wait for next month's Beach Burn.
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