Life is change (khandro) wrote in burning_man,
Life is change

Fall Freaktacular Review

I went down to the Houston Burner Party this past Saturday.

Tanjent and I arrived at about 5 in the afternoon. The locals were still setting up. But what was already there was fantastic. We sat around talking, helping were we could and enjoying some good Houston hospitality.

As darkness set in people started showing up by the droves. I was fairly impressed by the amount of people there and partying by 9PM. The party got into full swing around 11, with well over 100 people (my best guess). There was a stage set up to the side of the house. On the stage I witnessed some impressive fire dancing and belly dancing. There was suppose to be a band but about 3 songs into their set the cops showed up and the band was shut down. The party continued with out the band. The cops never bothered us again. The DJs that spun were all impressive. The music was nice all evening.

As for set up, there was the lovely Blinky Tunnel of Love, a army tent set-up as a lounge, the stage was well built with a wonderful spiral back drop, a black light horse shoe pit and the confessional.

The party was an utter blast. I had a load of fun. I think I heard some "We should do this again next year" comments. I can hardly wait.

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