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Hello, all!

I'm new around these parts, and will (*as she crosses fingers*) be traveling to Burning Man next summer from Cape Cod, MA. This year it falls right around my cousins birthday, and I'd love to bring him. The catch is he's turning 12 and having never attended this event before I'm a little hesitant.

He's very artistic, loves all things having to do with nature, and I think it would be an excellent experience for him. The prevailing vibe is usually positive at such events, but one can never tell- 3 people died at the last Bread and Puppet, after all. I guess there's always the possibility of something sketchy going down... just wondering if anyone has brought children in the past, or if there are perhaps reasons to wait a few years...

does anyone have info about Rainbow Gathering? The last time I checked their web site I didn't find much. Thanks so much- have a beautiful day. Over and out-
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