Amazon of the Watermelon Galaxy (blueeyedamee) wrote in burning_man,
Amazon of the Watermelon Galaxy

I had a Burning Man dream last night...

but the desert was flooded- and so we all had "bikeboats" and regular bikes, but the playa was super soft so it was nearly impossible to ride, to we just swam instead...
My friend Anthony brought a raft and everyone thought he was a genius.
At one point, we all went for a was really refreshing...we were nude and getting fabulous suntans. I had an umbrella and I was relaxing in the water.
As we floated on inner tubes around the playa, we could see that there were some drowned Burners here and there underneath, and once in a while we heard rumours and the legends of sunken camps, dead burners that "didnt make it" and it was as if this was a place of legends.
Oh and Burning Man wasnt a corporation anymore it was a camp, and every ten Burners were assigned to an 'old timer' but they were really a paid Camp councellor...but no one would admit that it was really just a summer camp cult for adults...and we were all acting like children.
It was the 'last day of camp' so people were burning absolutely everything in sight...all the art, all the camp materials and everything! including art cars.
It was like funerals in India where they have giant funeral pires...Burning Man was one giant funeral. We were supposed to "cleanse".
Even the Catbus was on fire...but Neko saved it last minute (drove it out of the fire and put it out) thank god.
Anyway at one point, we floated over this rocky bit which used ot be a theme camp but they all had drowned apparently...instead of stepping stones in the water, we had old computers, laundry machines and other miscellaneous technology, but someone had covered them in rocks to make them look "natural".
It was here among the "technology rocks" where I found a fork.
Anthony and the other Burners were all like "WOW a fork from the TIME BEFORE! It's a sign!!!"
I remember it had the number 01 on it and they all thought there was a deep meaning to this...and it was all like "Ohhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! She found a FORK!" ...when really, it was just a fucking fork!
Totally weird.
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