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So I have had two Playa dreams already. Last year was my first BM experience and I am thoroughly addicted.

The first one was about a month ago and I got there and the playa was SO SMALL. All of the art was jumbled together and there were not many people there. It was very strange.

The second one was last week. I got to the playa and it was it's regular size, but I couldn'd find much of the art and I realized as I kept walking around that I didn't have any of the things I needed to survive for the weekend. People were giving me things to get by and I just felt bad casue I had forgotten everything, but I was still happy to be on the playa.

Interesting thing was that in BOTH dreams I got to the playa and remember someone telling me "Welcome Home" and I was completely at peace.

190+ days is too much time!!!!
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