quintessence ejaculate (urbanwuff) wrote in burning_man,
quintessence ejaculate

well, thanks

I appreciate the kind kick in the head before I went and made an ass out of myself in front of everyone down on da playa.

The b-word is gone from my vocabulary and things are in a better frame of mind. As well, thanks to all of you who replied, I appreciate the tips and such. I felt the same type of feeling in those posts as I have when talking with veteran Burners. and to the one who said welcome home....thanks a lot. I'm currently planning to move back home to Michigan after two years living in Baltimore. Moving back to friends and family, and the fact that I feel the same way about my impending trip out west as I do to moving back to Michigan just can't be described to anyone who hasn't felt this.

Oh, here's another question. Whats the best way to not be overwhelmed your first time? Or a better question, whats the best way to deal with being overwhelmed for your first time? I've heard its inevitable, and I understand this, to a much lesser degree, as I still remember the first few sci-fi/fantasy/furry cons I attended, but, everything I've read from first timers is that you just get caught up and roll through the week.

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