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burning man "scholarship"

So I bought this second bman ticket with the thought that I was leaving the door ajar for Chance. Maybe I'd meet some misguided person who'd want to accompany me between now and August, right? Yeah, right. But now I'm thinking that one way I've never experienced the festival is alone. And since that's how I'm doing everything else these days, why not?

So now I'm thinking about creating the Evolve Or Perish Endowed Fellowship. I'd put the ticket up for grabs, basically. Hell, maybe even throw in airfare. I'd take applications, asking people questions like:

- What are you going to do for a project?
- How are you going to volunteer?
- What does Burning Man mean to you?
- Why do you think you should go to Burning Man?
- Give me one good reason why I should let you live

Etc. I'm not committed to this idea yet, but do you have any ideas as to how I might make it better/wackier/challenging?
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