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Thank you for your interest in Luminex... we would be pleased to discuss your ideas at any point in the future... In the interim, here is some basic info:

We are Zuzka, the exclusive Distribution & Product Development team for Luminex in the US & Canada.

The optical fiber fabric is available for purchase. you are encouraged to call us to set up an appointment in our showroom, at your convenience--where you can view the range of product available, in lieu of purchasing samples.

The suggested minimum is 50 yards per fabric type, however, we can offer smaller quantities for smaller projects.

The fabric is woven with optical fiber (and is illuminated by the highest quality LED's using various power sources-3.6v rechargeable batteries OR 110v AC "plug-in") in the following fabrics:

- Double sided LED polyester (sheer quality/ 7 colors) 58"w -- $280/yd
- Lycra 58"w -- $280/yd
- Super Velo (extra densely woven optical fibers) TK

LED colors available: white, blue, red, green, & yellow

Standard fabrics allow the LED color to change, if desired, at each 18" interval

Double sided-LED fabrics are capable of having two different colored LED's merging light into the same fibers to create additional colors...

Orders for quantity and for custom made sample products (i.e: pillows, jackets, etc.) can processed by phone/fax and finished to your specs.

Yardage Prices do not include rechargeable 3.6v battery and recharging kit.

all SAMPLES must be purchased: $280-364/yd
battery: $24 per battery
recharger kit: $26 per recharger.

weaves available include 7 kinds of poly's: white, blue, silver, gold, red, green, cream & black; Lycra: white, gray, black

Delivery is currently 4-8 weeks

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