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This years theme does encompass gods and ceremonies and I'm informed
that the city design has been altered a bit to match it. Ceremonial
processions are a large part of this years activity, so the Man standing
at 100' at the center of the city will have four, yes four promenades
radiating out from him to create an "all roads lead to the Man" feel.
The city is going back to being a clock, and these four lamp-lit
walkways will be lined up with 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00. It adds up
to an additional 64 spires, and the lamp lighters are, again,
surprisingly undaunted. My spire crew that sledge-hammers them in then
pulls them down afterward are cocking an eyebrow at me though.

David Best (builder of last years "Temple of Joy") swears that this
year's temple will definitely not be taller than the Man. Talking to him
last year, he informed me that the temple was one foot shorter than the
Man. What he said to me was, "anything that I build will always be one
foot shorter than the Man - no matter how high I build it."
I think I catch his drift...

after reading this in the JRS i'm left with a couple of questions
first paragraph - does the fact that it's going to have "four promenades" mean that the Black Rock City will be a closed circle this year? somehow i doubt it. i'm guessing that there will be 1st promenade from center camp to the Man, 2nd promenade from the Temple to the Man and the the 3rd and 4th promenades will be from 3 and 6 o'clock, but they did say "the city design has been altered a bit" so suppose anything is possible.

second paragraph - David Best is planning another temple??!!
i'm surprised and thrilled by this. i had previously heard that he would not be doing a Temple because he felt that having done three consecutive pieces was enough and that the space should be given over to someone else to work with.
mind you, i'm not complaining. i find his work to some of those inspiring and powerful that i have ever encountered. after the Temple of Tears in 2001 (my first Burn), a big part of the reason i came back in 2002 was to witness the Temple of Joy.
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