Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in burning_man,

LJ gathering in Santa Clara tonight (and every Tuesday)

Just to let people know, we are having a weekly Tuesday gathering at our house in Santa Clara tomorrow evening from 7 - 'round midnight. These gatherings started about three months ago with a core group of my LJ friends, but have since expanded to include all sorts of people. They're larger than the LJ meetups, I hear. Most of the crowd tends to fall into the category of "openminded LiveJournalers with bohemian lifestyles" with a lot of Burners in attendance, but all types and ages are welcome, LJ'ers and non-LJers alike... Just be responsible for yourself and openminded.

It's a place to meet people, make new friends, talk, play games, have snacks, drink beverages of all varieties (coffee, tea, italian sodas, cocoa, wine, beer, mixed drinks, etc.), roast marshmallows over a roaring fire, or whatever... Guests always welcome, especially if they bring anything yummy or otherwise useful. (We're always open to gifts of food, snacks, club soda, Torani, firewood, mixers, good booze, paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins, etc. )

This Tuesday will be special, as it will be our first "swing party"! That's right... we'll feature music from Duke Ellington, Louis Prima, Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and Benny Goodman! It will be hep time at the frolic pad tonight! (What kind of swing party did you think I meant?!)

As always, bring your own entertainment. Most people chat, but we also watch videos, play games, dance outside, make friends, flirt, tell bad jokes, and burn stuff.

email me at insomnia @ if you need directions.

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