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For those of you out there that don't receive the email newsletter "The Jackrabbit Speaks", which comes from B-Man's headquarters, and is always filled with good information related to burning man, tickets and general information... this little story was in the latest edition, and it evoked emotion in me, and I needed to share it. It's really the reason I go to Burning Man, and how amazing the people are. If the rest of our country could act like this, I wouldn't have thoughts of moving to Europe.

Picture this: The members of the San Francisco-based Extra Action Marching Band (the best-named marching band in the world) were hurtling comfortably down a highway in a bus between Flagstaff and Phoenix, headed to their next tour date that night in Las Vegas, NV.

Everything was going fine. But, luck and engines being what they are, their day took an unexpected turn when the bus broke down. The whole traveling marching band, all 13-or-so of them, were standing on the side of the freeway somewhere close to Flagstaff, next to a broken-down bus, and Vegas wasn't getting any closer, baby. But, the Extra Action Marching Band, they had an idea. Matteo and Gabe gave it a long shot and call up $teven Ra$pa here in SF, who walked over into my office, to see if by chance there are any burners there in Arizona - maybe, just maybe, someone there could find a way to help them out.

Are there any burners in Arizona? You tell me, folks: Joy and I placed quick phone calls to regional contact Gary Taylor and Grover Davis. Grover, who lives near Phoenix, dropped what he was doing, hopped in his own RV without a moment's hesitation, and hit the freeway to find the wayward band - who, so far as we know, he has never met in his life. With a rented truck full of gear right behind, and burners waiting downstream to lend a hand, Grover delivered the EAMB to Vegas that very night for their show. And this is not exactly a short trip.

The JRS gives a HUGE whooping THANKFUL shout out to Grover, and to Gary, as well as Gordy and Lora and the rest of the Azburners waiting downstream to offer any assistance needed, including a place for Grover to sleep before turning around to head home. (He had to work at 6 AM, but we're secretly hoping he took the day off to catch up on the sleep he lost last night.)

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