Jacqui (jacqui) wrote in burning_man,

Hello Everyone,

Last September I came here and asked you for your prayers and/or positive thoughts for my Mother's upcoming cancer surgery, and she just sailed right through it, it was a miracle. At other times I've asked for prayers for beloved pets and in every single case, there were miracles.

After close to two years of waiting for this surgery, tomorrow, I am going to have gastric bypass weight loss surgery and so I wanted to ask you if you would say a prayer or two for me? My surgery will be at around 7:30 AM, at Century City Hospital in Century City, California, and my doctor is Dr. Carson Liu. I've never had surgery before. I had a super lucky natural birth with my son, but I've never been knocked out and cut open and had my intestines rearranged so naturally I am a bit anxious. I have tremendous faith but I figure it can't hurt to reach out to a few friends.

So much love and gratitude and

PS: I wrote an enormous post about all of my feelings about all of this in my journal, but I don't want to burden you with it here.

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