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rainbow carnage presents the march of hedwig

greetings fellow burners. I'll just cross-post about this once, since I sure don't mean to annoy you, but this is marginally relevant since it's (1) non-paid volunteer art, (2) weird and non-mainstream, (3) a celebration of sexuality and individuality and love, and (4) put on by a cast made up of at least four burners (and a handful more who want to go soon).

we do these shows every month here in Los Angeles, and I bet there's some crossover interest.

who says the drinking has to end on St. P's day, when everyone knows the real party is on the 28th?

presenting another monthly midnight screening in the la/fairfax/kind of hollywood sort of area! see Hedwig put Catherine Zeta-Jones to shame with her fabulous live cast Rainbow Carnage, as we perform the movie in front of the movie, in mirrored costumes and actions, and random extra amusements.

included in the pre-show festivities this month, members of the audience will be called upon to play the Human Memory Game. bring your big yellow foam thinking-cap, and wear your best running heels. this is gonna require stragety _and_ dexterity.

see you there!


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