:: regarder of the cries of the world :: (xaotica) wrote in burning_man,
:: regarder of the cries of the world ::

goggles & contacts?

i'm losing my bm virginity this year and need goggles to guide me through. my vision is terrible so i'm in search of prescription ones.

is there such a thing as prescription goggles which automatically tint when you go in the sun? i know that there are regular glasses which do that, so it seems like it should be possible with goggles...

if any of you know where such a thing might be found, esp. if it's around seattle, that would be awesome.

also, for those of you with contacts, do you keep wearing them in the desert? i have hard contacts and i can't imagine that i'd be able to survive that without getting huge amounts of sand in my eyes and being in a lot of pain...

once i wore my contacts to an outdoor 'rave'-esque festival and made the fatal mistake of taking them out with dirty hands without realizing it.. i put them back in and it was excruciatingly painful.. the state of mind i was in didn't help ;) i went running out of the tent crying and a bunch of ravers squealed "omigod, are you okay?" and smothered me in a group hug. my eyes were watering and i was flailing to get loose and they just squeezed tighter and tighter...

anyhow. goggles. yes. thanks. =]
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