Jealousy (jealousofthesky) wrote in burning_man,

hi. This might be a bit...random. About art cars.

first, why im here. i did a search for "art cars" to see who was interested. there were two communties, since there are more people here, i decided to ask here.
i hope im not..crossing lines by asking this randomly.

ive loved the idea of an art car since i first saw one created by a highschool in my area, and i recently purchased a truck (for all of 500 bucks)and, well im going to transform it. im tired of all the imports and lowered flashy blinky -light cars in my area. my question is how do i even go about making an art car. i understand the design part, thats no problem. but what kind of paint for the exterior? i dont want to become a rolling cop-magnet by attaching anything to it majorly, but i really want to put some of my art on it.

any help on what kind of paint would be greatly appreciated, actually, any tips what so ever would be great.

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