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Forwarded from Coyote Nose - playa road trip!

From Coyote Nose

So the Playa has gone through it's "winter rinse cycle" with much rain and snow, and is now in the drier with only a couple of quarters needed for the final dry. It's absolutely beautiful out there, and the other day, I was standing in the middle of the site watching my Bic lighter flame standing straight up without even a puff to disturb it. It was ear ringing quiet.

The down news is that the "rinse cycle" has done what we expected it to do, and that is that it has kicked up all the hidden MOOP and such that was under the dunes and buried in the clay. I'm talkin' BIG stuff like a whole sheet of plywood for instance, lots of re-bar that the playa has literally squirted up, along with tent stakes, broken glass, pieces of wood, etc. It's an understandable scenario. We found that full sheet of plywood right behind center camp with just the smallest of corners sticking up from a shrunken dune. Amazing since we combed that area three times during last years line sweeps. The area had even been dragged several times with dune-busters! Now what the?!... We must of been walking right over the top of the dang thing! Something to do with the shrinking of the dune and the curling of the wood, I guess.

Well, folks! We have an inspection coming up alarmingly soon - May 3rd, for christ sake! And something like a sheet of plywood would certainly fail us, and that means no permit, and that means no

So this is the Coyote's call to arms, and for the next three weeks, we need ALL HANDS ON DECK! I will be up there every chance I get, just driving around to the hot spots, and picking up the shit. It simply must be done.

Once again, that's a MAY 3rd deadline!

Hey man, it's time to greet the Playa anyway. So, most of you know already that our beach club is no more, and there is no kitchen or central camping area due to the recent zoning drama. (Look for my next Coyote Nose called "Growing Pains"). So all you hearty campers gotta bring your own cans of Dinty Moore, mixed with a can of corn, (the way I likes it!) and the can of Spam with flour
tortillas for the morning. Hey, '97 was built on that stuff!

The other issue is camp sites. We're under some scrutiny and it would be best if we sorta spread out a bit. It could be kinda fun! Will Roger was suggesting some could set up at Frog Farm. Others could go out to the middle of the Playa off the site. (Like the old days!) And a few could pepper around on the ranch. Whatever it takes. Remember, the permits to operate Black Rock City depend on this! So any and all who want to put in their obligatory day or three on the playa "LEAVING NO TRACE", needs to put aside some time in the next few weeks. This message goes out to everyone. After all, the city belongs to all of us.

Our good friend and lone scout, "Bubble Gique" has offered his services to act as a guide to show us where the hot spots are, and he does know the site like back-o-hand.

So nows the time to show us your salt, people!! YEEARRR!!

All for now,

Coyote clear.

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