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Geodesika '03

Geodesika'03: Triptych Flow
"The flow of spirit through tri-faceted art"
June 19th thru June 23rd

The 3rd annual Geodesika event is nearly upon us!
Tickets are on-sale now @

Geodesika is your event, near a private lake in the Rocky Mountains outside Denver, Colorado, that brings together our community to create an interactive, synergetic, expression of Art, Science and Spirit. This is a Leave No Trace, participant only, temporary autonomous zone.

The environment at Geodesika is much less harsh than a desert, but is still dangerous. There is wildlife, including bears, and we're much closer to the Sun. Please read the 'about' section on our website for further details about survival.

Because of the drought conditions in Colorado, there may be fire
restriction in place, the extent of which will be unknown until the event. Expect to be able to use only propane for fire/heat. The use of fire poi and other props will be restricted to designated areas, if permitted at all.

Geodesika is a not-for-profit, community steered organization whose purpose is to hold an interactive event with synergetic expression of art, science and spirit in a temporary autonomous zone.

*Please help spread the word* and pass this announcement on to all who may be interested. If you would like to assist with promotions, please contact

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