somniferous almond eyes (manintheboat) wrote in burning_man,
somniferous almond eyes

How to save yourself a bunch of money on body paint

My Goldfinger costume was FANTASTIC, all the other party attendees were shocked and loved it.

At the suggestion of the person at the costume shop I bought 2 jars of Ben Nye gold powder and 1 can of fixant. Since powder wouldn't smear or crack and would be MUCH more comfortable than grease paint. Total= $34.
At home, with a big brush I applied a thick layer of powder to my arm, tested the spray-on fixant. It looked awful. Was stinky and the fumes burned my eyes. The spray on stuff made the gold dust all blochey. So I got a jar, poured all the fixant stuff in and added most of the gold dust. Painted directly on skin.
Ran out of stuff halfway through my body. Shit.
Dumped the rest of the gold powder in a jar of hairspray. Brushed it on.

3 hours later:
The $13 fixant crap cracked, flaked and came off everywhere.
The $2 hairspray mixture stayed on smooth, shinnier, solid and came off easily in the bathtub. It smelled much better going on and was safe around my eyes.

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