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First of all, thank you. All of you. I've been asking a lot of questions, and I will ask more, but, you've all just given the best opinions, answers, ect with stride, and given me a helpful, healthy thwack when it was needed. I appreciate it. I'll be hugging the lot of you when I find you on the playa.

Ok, on to more important things...food!

Barillo pasta has a line of dry cheese tortellini. Ricotta cheese, pasta, and there's three other flavors as well, portabello, spinich, and asparagus. They aren't the best things I've ever eaten, but I've seen the bags of tort on sale for around 1.50, and there's enough pasta in one for 2-3 large portions, 4-5 small ones. Cheese isn't something you can always get in the desert, I've gathered that much from reading, so thought I'd put the heads up to anyone who wasn't aware of this yet. It's in the pasta isle, in the Barillo display area.

Also, I found this site for Lumen Foods. It's a soy based beef jerky company. Anyone had any experiance with them/experiance the taste of the product?

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