Pink Monster (iceblink) wrote in burning_man,
Pink Monster

Army Tent for Sale

I am selling a 16' x 32' GP Medium Tent - If you are planning a theme camp and looking for something to either sleep in or create a neat space with, a big ol' tent just might be what you are looking for.

I took this tent for theme camps in Burning Man 2001 and 2002. It is dusty, so if you want it for non-Burning Man events, you will have to clean it off.

The tent measures 32 feet long and 16 feet wide. Wall height is 5' 6" with a center height of 10'. Total of 523 square feet. Each end has a 6'x 4' overlapping curtain canvas door and overlapping nylon mesh screens, also includes two 4" stove pipe holes and weatherproof screened air vents at the peaks. This tent is first quality U.S. military surplus and has been repaired as needed. Constructed from heavy duty Vinyl. The poles and rebar "candy cane" tent stakes are also included with this package.

The tent weighs about 200 pounds so a couple of people will be needed to move it. The poles are pretty light weight individually.

$600.00 Or Best Offer.

Please only reply if YOU can pick up the tent YOURSELF. I live in Santa Clara, CA. (South SF Bay Area). So, if you are willing to drive to pick it up, great. The cost for shipping this tent is just too much for the hassle.
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