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*sigh?* Love'em, Leave'em?

I just bit off my nails. I'm that nervous. I don't know how to tell my significant other, my partner in crime, the guy I live with who pays most the bills and takes all my shit that I'm going to Burning Man... Without him.

He doesn't even know I want to go in the first place. I'd like him to go, I'd love to watch him burn. To experience with him. But he's got issues, tries to curb me when I fly around him. I doubt he could handle me there. Just the same, I think he curbs himself outside of our den. I don't know if he'd even know how to enjoy himself.

And I don't know how he's gonna take me saying "I'm going into the middle of a chaos knot for one week. I know its expensive, I'm going to lose my job because of it, and I start school very soon after- But I have to do this." Can anyone relate? Been there? Give me advice?? He'll be home in like, an hour. :(

BTW... My name's Jessup and I'm going to Burning Man.
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